Which Are The Various Weapons Used In The Fortnite? How To Select The Best One?

The first thing you might want to know about the weapons in Fortnite is that they are a bit different from those of other games. Unlike most other titles, there’s no set number of primary and secondary weapons; instead, each one has its own characteristics and perks. You can also buy new ones as you progress through the game. 

So what makes some weapons better than others? Well, we’ve got you covered on all fronts with this guide! Read on for everything you need to know about the best weapon in Fortnite… 

What Are The Weapons In Fortnite? 

As mentioned above, we don’t have any standard-issue weapons or equipment like you’d find in many other video games. Instead, each character comes equipped with their own unique weaponry. Here’s a quick rundown of each type – but remember, you’re free to change your loadout over time. 


With blasters, you’ll get shots at enemies that deal a lot of damage on impact. They come outfitted with a range of ammo types and, depending on the build you use, can shoot up to three times per clip. If you prefer to play more defensively, you can switch to the Shield Gunner build, which gives you a protective shield when you take fire. 


A variation on the blaster, mines come in two varieties. There’s the normal variety, which sends out bursts of explosive-powered bullets that explode on impact, and then there’s the Scatter Mine, which fires off smaller projectiles that will continue to fly even after the initial blast. Both of these are great weapons against vehicles and flying opponents. 


You can choose between a few different launcher builds in Fortnite, which allow you to pick your preferred method of attack. One of the main options is the Bizon Launcher. This allows you to fire off a series of missiles that travel much farther than regular grenades. It does, however, have limited ammunition and it takes a while before it’s reloaded. 


There are four grenade choices available in Fortnite. These range from the basic Frag Grenade, which explodes on contact and covers a large area of ground, to the Incendiary Grenade, which deals an enormous amount of damage and ignites nearby combustible materials. Each of these can be used offensively or defensively. 

Plasma Rifles 

These are pretty self-explanatory – they consist of a long barrel and fire streams of plasma energy. As such, these are good for shooting down larger targets or dealing massive amounts of firepower. For a closer look, check out our article on the best Fortnite guns! 

Sniper Rifles 

When it comes to sniper rifles, there are plenty of options to choose from. From the humble Assault Rifle to the high-flying Sniper Rifle, these will help you take out distant opponents with pinpoint accuracy. The more powerful variants of these guns also have scopes that magnify the target, giving you a clearer view of the action. 


While shotguns aren’t quite as popular as the other kinds of guns in Fortnite, they do have their uses. With both Assault Shotguns and Shotguns, you can hold down the trigger to unleash a single shot, or pull back the hammer and pump them repeatedly. Either way, these are decent weapons for close quarters combat. 


If you’re looking for a close-range gun, the scorpion may be just what you need. While it doesn’t pack much power, it fires rapidly and is very accurate. Plus, it has a range of ammunition that lets you switch up your tactics as needed. 


Pistols are fairly lightweight and easy to carry around, which makes them a great option if you plan on going into battle alone. There are several pistols builds to choose from within the game, including the Rapid Fire Pistol, the Magnum Pistol, the Desert Eagle Pistol, and more. 

How Do I Pick Which Weapon Is Right For Me? 

It’s important to recognize that not every player needs or wants to use the same kind of weapons. Some people enjoy playing with firearms, while others would rather rely on melee weapons. When choosing your arsenal, you should consider how you like to play your game. 

For example, you might love using shotguns as a means of taking out big, tough enemies, whereas someone else might prefer to use assault rifles to dispatch lesser foes. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Just make sure that whatever weapon you decide to use, it suits your style of gameplay! 

These are the various weapons that are mainly used by the players in playing the Fortnite game. The selection of the weapon is the choice of the players. They need to be really careful while choosing the best one. A person can even choose the rare fortnite skins as per his choice.

Which Weapon Type Do You Think Is The Best To Use Against Players? 

There’s no right answer here, as everyone plays Fortnite differently. If you feel confident with a particular type of weapon, go ahead and put it to work! But if you’re still trying to figure things out, give some of the other options a try. 

One thing we can say for certain is that the weapons in Fortnite are varied and versatile, and players shouldn’t feel pressured to stick to one specific type. So if you want to experiment, go ahead! 

Do you have any favorite weapon builds in the game? Maybe you enjoy using snipers or launching a bazillion rockets. Or maybe you prefer to use explosives or the shotgun. Whatever you’re using, make sure you keep an eye on the latest news so you can stay ahead of the competition!