What Is Law Of Attraction

What is law of attraction… well it is sort of a set of rules. I hate to over simplify the steps, to follow, but here goes… Each item in this list deserves its own page, so I’ll surely spend some more time with each of these on other pages. Ask for what you want. Think ONLY about what you want and ignore any thoughts to the contrary. Be grateful, as if you already have everything you asked for in step one. Take action to get what you want Ask for what you want Sounds simple right, but who am I asking and why should they give it to me? The power that will give you what you ask for is called many things. God, the universe, source energy, or whatever name you use for the higher power in your life. If you don’t believe in any higher power, here’s your big chance to discover one. What is law of attraction, but the power that creates all life.

Looking at the basic nature of all life, we know that it usually has a few common aspects. The instinct to survive is in all animals and plants. Animals use the “fight or flight” instinct and plants spread seed, whenever they are threatened. Both animals and plants grow. Over many years all the life we see today has evolved from ever better versions of their former incarnations. These common properties of life are partly influenced by the law of attraction. The very nature of the universe is to grow, evolve and improve. All we have to do is to align our thinking with the law of attraction, to take advantage of boundless power. “Ask and you shall receive”. That’s not just a maxim from the Bible, but a truism of the law of attraction.

To be more clear, be as specific as you can, in describing what you want. Asking for happiness isn’t even close. The power what is law of attraction grants these requests is shall we say… not very perceptive. It doesn’t interpret what you think of as happiness. It just understands concrete things like car, home, money… but wait… that’s not even specific enough. You want a car, you say?? What make, model, year, color? What features and extras? When did you want that car? I know I know… Yesterday! I hope you get the idea that you must be as specific as possible with the law of attraction. If it is money, then how much; if it is a home, describe it or better yet, find one like you imagine and photograph it, so you can visualise it better. What the law of attraction is, is dumm, so be crystal clear, beyond any clarity that you’d be with a human being. Writing and visualising will really help with this first step.

Think ONLY About What You Want What is law of attraction going to do to my thinking? The human brain is a busy place. Scientists estimate that we have over 60,000 individual thoughts each day and that’s even if you aren’t that smart. Nobody clamed that these thoughts were productive or insightful, but just that they occur. In fact, you could have had the same thought a thousand times Yesterday. The more you have a particular thought, the more it becomes part of your reality. For instance, if you are always worrying about something, then that something, will start to edge its way into your life. Most people are familiar with this kind of brain programming. Programming? Yes, when you worry, you are programming your brain and your life.

The law of attraction reacts to your thoughts. It doesn’t judge if the thought is good or bad. In fact, it doesn’t have a value system, because the maxim “One person’s trash is another’s treasure” is true. Therefore, the Universe or the higher power just listens and grants you what you spend time thinking about, so the more time you can find to spend on the desire, the more the power will be likely to respond. What law of attraction is trying to tell you is that you really have to start to baby sit your thoughts. If you find yourself having contradictory thoughts, they will literally cancel each other out.

For instance, if you are asking for good health, but always think you are fat… guess what… you are working against yourself. If you ask for a million dollars, but worry how you will pay the credit card bill this month… you are working against yourself. Now you should pay the credit card bill, but just do it and don’t spend any more time thinking about it than is absolutely necessary! Spend the rest of the time, thinking about how great things are with a million in the bank! Children are shining examples of using this rule , to get what they want. What is law of attraction going to do now, ask me to act like a child? Well… kind of… how many times have you experienced or seen young children incessantly nag you or some other grown up for something, until us poor grown ups relent. “I want candy!”, “I want that toy!”, “Gimme more!” Sound familiar? The Universe isn’t much different from us and we must take a lesson from children, to nag long and loud for what we want. We must ask with gusto and fervor and fully intend to get what we want with or without the Universe’s help.

Taste, smell, feel, fully experience whatever you want, to the extent that you just MUST have it! Be Grateful When we receive anything from anybody, we say thank you right? When we give someone something, we enjoy hearing that “Thank you” right? So this shouldn’t surprise anybody that expressing gratitude is part of the process of using the law of attraction. What is law of attraction, but being polite to the higher power and what’s wrong with that?? In fact, expressing gratitude for everything we already have, becomes its own fulfillment. When you make giving thanks part of your regular habbits, everything you have increases in value. I know that sounds trite or a little too touchy feely, but I’ve experienced this and nobody ever accused me of being very touchy feely! The other aspect of the gratitude that is what is law of attraction is make the grateful expression as if you already have received your request.

I know this claim will be a little far out, but there’s a certain vein of thought that claims we all already have everything, we just don’t know it. I have to leave the rest of that thought for another page, but the general concept of time is foreign to the higher power, that’s when you read about affirmations, you are implored to affirm in the present tense. Take Action What is law of attraction going to do?? Drop off my cool million with the UPS guy? No matter how much you wish and hope, it is very unlikely that your door bell will ring and have that million bucks waiting outside. The power of what is law of attraction is nothing, if not clever. It uses existing creations, to help deliver new creations. The law of attraction is very efficient. It will deliver your request, while probably completing someone else’s request or several other requests. Now here’s the small fly in the ointment… you won’t just get that million delivered. “I knew it… I knew it!” you exclaim.

This has all been lies and exaggerations! Hold on! Is earning a million bucks a bad thing? Keep in mind that this “million dollar” thing is just an example and we could be talking about anything. I just use it, because it still is pretty universal (pardon the pun) in most people’s list of things they might wish for, but I want you to know that you can, will, and already use what is law of attraction to get stuff of a smaller nature, so don’t think you can’t get that million. See item #2, so you can start to re-program yourself. The very act of you taking action to move towards that thing, will activate the higher power to give it to you. What Is Law Of Attraction Conclusion So have we answered… “What is law of attraction?”.

Well in principle yes, but because the power is so great I want to expound on some of the above thoughts, help you discover tools and techniques that will aid in carrying out the above. Let me educate you on the changes you’ll want to make to align your thinking, to Look at LOA, and use it instead of it just reacting to your random thoughts. With that in mind, I’ll help you get to the bottom of what is law of attraction and help you find those tricks and short cuts that make the trip easier! What Is Law Of Attraction