What Exactly Are Knock Knees, And What Do You Need To Know About It?

A condition where the legs of an individual tend to fold inwards and particularly “knock ” against one another while conducting any activity, like walking, running, or standing up straight, it’s often referred to as knock knees. This condition is medically referred to as genu valgum or knee valgus. However,  knocking knees can sometimes simply be a part of growth years, often caused due to the regeneration of tissues and the formation of new muscles. And in such scenarios, the condition is automatically cured or with specific mild therapies before the age of eight.

Knock knees can be expected in toddlers but not in adults. If this condition of a child is not cured by itself before they step into their teens, they might be suffering through a typical knock knees condition and must be diagnosed at the earliest. You can also seek advice from destinations like My Knock Knee Fix.

What are some of the most common symptoms of knock knees?

  • While walking, either you have a limp or find it difficult and tiresome to walk.
  • You’re suffering from knee and hip discomfort due to a muscle tension that might be severe but also mild.
  • When you stand from a sitting or lying position, your knees tend to bend inwards automatically.
  • You have joint distress too, which makes your joint a lot less flexible and somewhat stiff.

The following are some of the most common causes of knock knees in adults:

  • Spina Bifida

It is a genetic or inborn condition that is an improper formation of the spinal cord while in the development stage in the womb. There is no exact explanation for why such inborn disability occurs, and it is mostly believed to be due to an unsuitable pregnancy diet or environment.

  • Rickets

Individuals with rickets tend to have fragile bones that are most likely to be extremely sensitive and brittle. It’s not only painful for the improper structural formation but also tends to bend the bones and hence knock knees. Rickets is mainly caused due to a diet plan devoid of minerals like vitamin D, and hence no nutrition for bone formation.

  • Skeletal Dysplasias

This again is a hereditary or genetic condition. This disease is scientifically known as osteochondrodysplasias. In this condition, Individuals suffer from abnormal growth of bones. Such deformity affects the entire skeletal system of the patient, including the spinal cord and thigh and knee bones, often leading to knock knees.

  • Knee Injury

a severe accident leading to a massive knee injury can result in knocked knees.

  • Obesity

It’s less likely for obesity alone to be the reason for your knock knees, but it will surely amplify if the condition exists.

  • Hip Injury

Hips and knees are interconnected for the legs to function. Hence, just like a leg injury, a hip injury can affect your knees to bend inwards too.

Hence, it would be best to take this condition seriously, both for yourself and your children who are stepping into the teens with disabilities. Otherwise, such abnormal pressure on your knees can lead to other significant diseases. On this journey of recovery, My Knock Knee Fix can become your best friend!