What do you need to know about Costco aussie bites? 

For someone who wishes to have a quick snack, the taste costco Aussie bites is a great option. These are not just tasty; they are healthy as well. It is an excellent old oatmeal cookie packed with taste and nutrients. So, one would not feel guilty about gorging a few at a time. These are tasty, convenient, nutritious, affordable, and addictive. If someone wishes to find it in their nearest Costco, here is a quick guide. 

Where to find them? 

Instead of roaming around, one can ask the staff to guide them. These are organic, and one may find them in the same aisle. They can also check out the pantry or the dry product area. One can also check the snack section if none of these works out. It depends on the size of the warehouse and the variety of goods they sell. It depends somewhat on the location also. 

What do the buyers get? 

The beloved Costco Aussie Bites are a packaged deal. So, here is what someone who is buying these can expect.

  • Appearance 

At first glance, these may seem like small muffins. The shape is very similar because the first inspiration for the product was the small oatmeal and banana muffins. It means they are the perfectly indulging snack for anyone who always reaches out for food now and then. The oats give them the perfect color, and the seeds add a lovely contrast.

  • Texture 

If someone has tried oatmeal raisin cookies, they would love Costco Aussie Bites too. The oatmeal is the key ingredient and gives the characteristic crumbly yet a little crunchy texture. The cookies are delicate yet dense enough to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. The excellent variety of seeds present gives an added layer of crunch and contrast. The seeds have a dual purpose – texture and nutrition. 

  • Taste 

The packaging of the product has an excellent description of the taste. Even though it looks like a muffin and has ingredients similar to an oatmeal cookie, these are not. Costco Aussie Bites are a tasty love child of both! The sweet apricots and slightly sour raisins balance the overly earth-like flavor. Also, these are not too sweet, meaning one can eat more than one if one wishes. 

  • Nutrition 

Like most other products, nutritional evaluation and information are available on the packaging. To give a brief, here are the numbers of the major ones.

  1. 130 calories per serving (cumulative from all nutrients)
  2. 7 grams of fat
  3. 15 grams of carbohydrates 
  4. 2 grams of protein 
  5. 2 grams of dietary fiber 

Some people may find these calories a little over their expectations. However, the costco aussie bites are organic products made of quality ingredients, meaning one would only consume good stuff.

Are Costco Aussie bites healthy? 

The seller of this product does not market it as a diet item. Instead, they present it as a healthy and delicious snack. Apart from the nutrients mentioned above, one will consume 270mg Omega-3 healthy fatty acids, 2g fiber, and no trans fat. 

So, it assures one a healthy bite with an indulgent taste whenever they crave something sweet.