Top 7 Important Things To Know While Purchasing NFL Gears

If you’re looking for an authentic NFL jersey, then you have come to the right place. However, if you’re not quite sure about what you should be looking for in an official NFL jersey, then this post is for you.

The NFL has a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed when purchasing an official jersey. If you want to look like your favorite football team, then you will need to purchase the jerseys from authorized stores only. The rules are simple as there are just some things you need to remember while purchasing a jersey.

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NFL Regulation Number 1 – Authenticity

You cannot purchase any jersey made by an unauthorized seller. All jerseys are made by licensed companies and the NFL does not allow any other company to make a replica of its product. This also means that the NFL does not sell replicas of their product either.

NFL Regulation Number 2 – Unauthorized Use

This rule states that you can’t use any type of image or logo on the jersey which is not approved by the NFL. You can’t use anything which is not approved by them because it will affect the reputation of the NFL.

There are many ways in which people try to copy the jerseys. For example, they put images of celebrities on the sleeves instead of the name of the player. They sometimes put images of players who have retired recently or whose contract expired.

NFL Regulation Number 3- Officialness

This rule is very important. It says that all jerseys must be made up of wool and cotton. There is no synthetic material allowed in any of the NFL jerseys. In addition to that, it is imperative to note that the fabric used must be 100% cotton or polyester blend.

In addition to that, the jersey must be manufactured in North America. All the jerseys sold at authorized stores are manufactured in the US and Canada.

NFL Regulation Number 4 – Quality Control

The last regulation says that all jerseys must pass quality control tests before they are sent out. The NFL uses an inspection process to ensure that the jerseys meet certain standards. The NFL wants to ensure that the materials of the jersey are top notch so that it lasts longer.

It is important to note that the NFL doesn’t allow any kind of customization to the jerseys. Therefore, if you have a design idea, don’t expect it to be implemented. Most often than not, the NFL will reject such requests.

When selecting your team, you should select one which has a long history of success. A good way to find out if a team is successful is to look at their statistics. You can do this by checking out their past records.

Another way of determining how successful a team is is by looking at their record. Check their win-loss record. If they are winning more games than losing ones, then it means they are doing well. On the other hand, if their loss-to-win ratio is going down, then you can say that they are losing too much.

Some teams may not have won many championships but still have a good record. This is because they played against weak opponents. If you see that a team has a great win-loss record, but they haven’t been able to clinch a championship yet, then there might be something wrong with their roster.

One thing you need to keep in mind here is that teams that play in the same division tend to perform better than those that don’t. For example, the New England Patriots and the New York Jets always face off against each other. As a result, their records are similar and so are their strengths and weaknesses.

NFL Regulation Number 5 – Price

The last regulation says that all jerseys must be priced reasonably. Although the league has done away with uniformity, most fans still want to look like their favorite team. So, the jerseys must reflect this fact.

However, this doesn’t mean that the prices of the jerseys are set in stone. The NFL allows different teams to change the prices of their jerseys each year depending on how well the team did in the previous season. For instance, if a team was terrible last year, then the price of their jersey might go down drastically. But, if they were really good, then the price of their jersey could increase.

So, if you are planning to buy an NFL jersey, then you need to make sure that you check the price history of the team you want to buy a jersey from. This will give you a rough idea about whether or not the price is reasonable.

NFL Regulation Number 6 – Size

Most people think that the size of the jerseys are fixed. Well, this isn’t true. Yes, the sizes of the jerseys aren’t changed every year, but they are still adjustable.

The reason why they aren’t changing is because the NFL doesn’t want to lose customers. The league knows that most people prefer larger sizes. Therefore, it makes sense for the league to create jerseys that are large enough to fit everyone.

How to Buy an NFL Jersey Online?

Now that we know what to look for and what to avoid when buying an NFL jersey online, let us take a look at how you can order an NFL jersey online.

To start with, you simply need to visit an authorized retailer online. Once you visit the website, you will be taken to a section where you can choose the sport you wish to watch. Then, you need to pick the team you enjoy watching the most.

Once you have selected your team, you need to click on “Jerseys”. Then, you need to choose the type of material you want to have in your jersey. You can choose between cotton or polyester. Finally, you need to fill out your information and pay for the desired number of jerseys.

After paying, you will receive an email informing you about the delivery time. Some retailers offer free shipping options while others charge shipping fees. You need to be careful about these things when ordering an NFL jersey online.

NFL Regulation Number 7 – Delivery Time

Finally, you need to wait for the delivery, which can take anywhere from three days to two weeks. Sometimes, retailers will charge extra for shipping, especially if you request for expedited shipping.