Step-by-step guidance for cleaning guns properly

If you desire to keep a firearm in your life at any point or still keep it, then following a set of rules to handle the weapon properly is vital. 

The working of a gun needs to be proper by maintaining it thoroughly. The responsible and safe use of a firearm is possible if you are well-known with the basics to support the gang properly. So, can i clean a gun with wd40 easily?

For example, cleaning the gun now and then will be helpful. There is no need to take the help of a third person because they are straightforward steps you can follow in cleaning it. It is not a complicated thing! There are six steps to cleaning the Ganga.

Step 1: Disassemble the gun

The first step includes disassembling the part of guns. Before you start doing anything, we are the gloves because guns are made up of chemicals that are toxins. While dealing with the gun, you need to ensure the firearm is unloaded. 

Double-check it! Then inspector chamber and magazine that they are empty beforehand disassembling. There is no need to break down the gun completely. Just remove the slide, guide Road, spring, and barrel.

Step 2: Clean barrel

Now it’s time to clean the barrel. This one is the most crucial step and important component of the gun. It is vital to start with the barrel to maintain the handgun because it gets dirty and filled with residue. 

The easy working of the gun and movement barrel needs to be cleaned properly. Otherwise, it affects accuracy and causes serious accidents. So you have to give more attention to cleaning the barrel. For this, you can beat the brush into solvent and run it into One Direction.

Step 3: Remove debris

The third step is removing the debris properly. It’s good to use the mechanic rag instead of going for any solvent. Take a cloth to remove the debris from the important components of the gun. Pay close attention to words and the small parts that include the debris. 

It can be done with a dry brush, or you can go with an old toothbrush. If there is stubborn residue, spray a little bit of solvent and clean it with cotton cloth with proper attention. This is the appropriate way to remove/dirt.

Step 4: Lubricate gun

The fourth step includes lubricating the gun. This is the step before reassembling the gun. There is a lubricant application that is an oily substance. The objective of it is to help the parts. It comes with the outcome with minimal friction. 

Otherwise, the parts of the gun will rub against each other. It causes wear and tear. So, lubricating the gun is of utmost importance. This ensures the safety of people and saves their guns as well. The protip – don’t use lubricant directly on the gun. You can go with the dry rag.

Step 5: Reassemble the gun

This is the final step of reassembling the gun parts. If you are confident that you have thoroughly cleaned your gun, then reassemble the pieces of the gun carefully. Again, check out that the gun is unloaded. Otherwise, it causes a serious accident. 

Before knocking anything, it is important. Next is to test the gun. Run it and check out the functions of the gun. Is it working properly? The final step can be followed by wiping down the clothes to ensure no gun is left.

Step 6: Store it accurately 

This step is important for people to make a valuable investment. But, of course, investing in a gun is a heavy expense. Storing it in a proper place is a major responsibility of a firearm. Keep the gun in a safe, clean, and well-maintained home. 

You can also get a gun case that is suitable for the style and size of a gun. Then store the pistol in a case if you don’t use them for an extended period. The case of the gun must include significant features such as water light, pressure equalized crushed fruit, and hard on the outside.


These are the specific steps for cleaning the gun at home. It is the preferred way to clean the gun because the process is a breeze that does not require the help of a third person.