iOS 14 Customization tips for iPhone

IOS 14 is going to take iPhone customization to the perfect and amazing level. It is in people’s hands to make their iPhones more functional and convenient. 

It reflects the screen and how people want to use it. The best factor of using the iPhone is it makes people more productive. The features available in a phone are worth implementing in your phone. 

When people go for the right features, backgrounds for the iPhone and customization in their iOS 14 increase productivity. 

Here is the checklist of top 10 tips and tricks that are useful for iOS users to customize their iPhone 14 home screen. It will give you a great time while using the iPhone. So let’s dig deep into it.

  • Zoom iPhone Wallpapers 

The first tip is to zoom in and out of the iPhone wallpaper. This is the first thing you can do for personalization through your iPhone home screen. The most leisurely way to do this is from the Settings app and tapping wallpaper. Next, choose wallpaper or tap on all photos or one below to select the picture after choosing to enable the perspective zone to tilt iPhone slightly. Finally, set and choose one of the options. Tip – you can also set up the Live Photos.

  • Use app library 

With the iOS 14 introduction, there is the possible feature of having one home screen. All the apps will be inside the app library, and it will give an excellent Guide to show how to use the app library professionally. In addition, some cool things can be customized for the home screen, such as removing home screen pages, having no app icons on the screen and so forth.

  • Add widgets 

The following customization can be made by adding widgets to the home screen. iPhone 14 has handy widgets. It can be done easily with the easiest steps like long pressing on the empty area on the home screen and adjusting the plus icon at the top corner. Select the required widgets and size to finalize adding widgets. The pro tip – make some time to learn about the best third-party iPhone.

  • Change app icons

The next thing you can do for your iPhone 14 is change app icons. The inbuilt shortcuts are valuable for changing the app icons like nothing else. Also, you can go using the images to buy icon packs that look more professional. The step-by-step guidance is the best way to show you how to do it appropriately. After that, it is great freedom for people to make some changes to the app icons accordingly.

  • Make app folders

The next thing is making app folders on iPhone 14. For example, go for two app folders on your phone. Adjust the apps that you rarely use, such as Apple Maps, find my, tips, and more in one of the apps. Next, organize the other folders that include your bank and finance app. The folders can be adjusted to organize the apps carefully. Just by elongate pressing on the app icon, the adjustments can be made. 

  • Use back tap

Use back tap for the fast action in iPhone 14. This is a valuable accessibility feature. After executing the actions like screenshots, you can go for the triple and double tap on the iPhone back. It works similar to iPhone X and later models. It supports most covers and cases to enable the back tap. Open settings and tap accessibility. Tab touch, back tap, and select the appropriate option.

  • Pin conversations 

The next adjustment can be made on pin conversations. In the messaging app of iOS 14, there are new features like tagging people, group chats, thread messages and more. You can even go for pin conversations and make the administer list of features. It is undoubtedly a grabber. Access on the top of the app and go for pin-up the conversation.

  • Change email app

The next one is changing the default web browser and email app. Tapping the link on your iPhone will help you to redirect the Safari browser or a Mail app. In a few of the single steps, you can easily change the email app and default browser according to your necessity. Make sure the changes made by you are based on relevancy.

  • Use smart stack

The last one is a smart lock on iPhone. This smart stack feature is unbiased for excellence and innovation. You can add the features of the widget that came up with the smart options. Go to the home screen and use the device intelligence with the right widgets. Start your day with news widgets, weather, and maps while you are traveling. Also, you can go for calendar examinations throughout the day.

  • Security recommendations 

This iPhone 14 notifies you that the password is weak, and you can easily hack it. Besides this feature, the cloud kitchen is useful for verifying that the chosen password is a part of a data breach. The monitoring of passwords is done quite carefully, allowing you to change the password to avoid repetitive passwords instantly. This is a common mistake used across the globe.


The iPhone 14 is going to be the best model of iPhone by comprising the phenomenal features. From security to adjusting the app icons carefully, it includes everything you desire in a phone. The adjustment of everything can be made pretty easily. The above mentioned are the crucial tips and tricks to follow for the customization of ios 14.