Introduction to Gravity Bongs

What is a gravity bong? A gravity bong is a type of smoking device that uses air pressure and water to create smoke. The user places the substance they wish to inhale into the chamber, then submerges it in water. When the chamber is full of smoke, they release their grip on the top of the chamber, allowing the air pressure to push out all of the smoke at once. This method allows users to get more intense hits than with traditional bongs or pipes.

Gravity bongs are an incredibly popular way for smokers to enjoy their favorite substances without having to worry about over-consuming or wasting materials. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, from small homemade devices up to large commercial models. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the different types of gravity bongs available and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

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Types Of Gravity Bongs

1 Bucket Gravity Bong:

The most classic type of gravity bong is known as a “bucket” design, which consists of two separated pieces; one piece holds the substance being smoked, while another acts as a bowl-like lid so that when placed together an airtight seal is created between them. To use this type of gravity bong simply fill one piece with water then place your material inside before submerging it in the liquid until full; when you remove your finger from the hole in its center all that smoke will be quickly pushed up through its tube and into your lungs! This style is often considered superior due to its simplicity but also because it doesn’t require any extra parts like screens or bowls; just add your material directly into one end and let go when ready!

2 Waterfall Gravity Bong:

Another popular type of gravity bong is known as a waterfall design – these versions consist of only one piece instead (similarly shaped but slightly bigger than buckets) with an attached hose leading directly into its base; when filled with water covering bottom section completely this creates an airtight seal similar effect achieved by buckets except without any extra pieces required apart from hose itself! To use simply hold top portion firmly down while releasing valve near attachment point – this will cause liquid within container slowly drop away creating vacuum which forces out harsh yet potent inhales each time opened again after letting go off top part during inhalation process making it excellent option those wanting strong hit without having deal multiple components needed other varieties mentioned here today…

3 Apple Pipe/Bubble/Jug Gravity Bong:

Finally, there are numerous variations on bucket/waterfall designs such as apple pipe/bubble/jug models which all operate similarly but offer slight differences depending what they made out i.e apple pipe consisting hollowed-out apple used both receptacle bowl main body whereas bubble incorporates glass dome situated above base allow vapors collect inside before being inhaled plus many more options too numerous mention here (though if curious feel free explore further). Each these provide great opportunity customise experience according personal preferences – perfect those who want change things up now then whilst still enjoying same effects provided traditional methods discussed earlier!


Gravity bongs offer an easy way for smokers to enjoy their favorite substances without having to worry about over-consumption or wastage due to their efficient nature – no matter what variety you choose (which hopefully has been aided by reading this article), make sure buy quality equipment necessary ensure best possible results each time use them safely responsibly! So don’t wait any longer check out dopeboo online store save big buy awesome selection available now including classic bucket designs our incredibly popular waterfall model guaranteed satisfy even most discerning palettes around world today… Buy Gravity Bongs at DopeBoo!