Interpreting The Law Of Attraction

I can definitely say that not many people had heard about the law of attraction before the infamous movie “The Secret” debut. This movie created an epidemic of thought conscious people who also had to start taking responsibility for their own life experiences. After The Secret we were introduced the idea of manifesting our reality, and in doing so we became aware of having complete control over our ability to create prosperous and wealthy lifestyles above and beyond our wildest dreams. But this also made us conscious of the things that we did not want, and to take serious note of the events in our lives that we were attracting that may not be consistent with our ideal wants. Some people even argue that the law of attraction works for some things or only some people, but is not consistent in any way. The reality is that the law of attraction is incredibly consistent, even when things appear in our reality that we do not like, the reality is that we have attracted them into our experiences, and also have the power to eliminate them as well. Much like gravity, it is one law where there are no exceptions!

In this article I am going to delve a bit further in my attempt to explain how this law works and how you can use it to begin to create the reality you want to see and experience before you.

Breaking It Down Into Simpler Steps

Now before I continue to break down this concept of thinking things into your reality, I have to point out that it has been factually proven, that means many scientific experiences have been conducted to prove these concepts to be factual. And trust me, as a scientist I’ve done my due diligence on this one. Once you have this understanding (as it helped me accept the concept) it might make it easier to accept that what you think about in your marvelous mind is what you project before you. So that means any thought, good or bad will manifest into your reality. So if you’re constantly thinking about things that you want, and if the vision in your mind is specific enough it will manifest before you in due time. Thoughts are nothing more than energy frequencies, and we see this when someone is hooked up to an EEG. We see the waves being conducted through the wires attached to their head, projecting energy wave frequencies on a screen. In simplest terms, your thoughts project the same energy to manifest into formation of the things you want (and do not want for that matter) before you, much like there is a screen in front of you.

When you begin to understand and accept that your thoughts become materialized, then you can take note of what you are thinking about. When you start to take note of what is going on in your mind, you start to make deliberate thoughts that are more controlled. You also start to become more consciously aware of events and “hunches” that come into your mind. Because you have this heightened awareness, you start to trust those hunches and gut feelings. These are what will lead you to your ultimate pot of gold…meaning your hunches can project ideas and incentives for you to follow that will make your dreams a reality. These hunches are your subconscious mind giving you clear directions.

Have you ever noticed how people who know exactly what they want are consistently working towards it and being presented with opportunities to have it? This has nothing to do with luck, fate or divine intervention. It’s simply their mind being “tuned in” to what they want and influencing their actions and intuition in such a way that they eventually get what they think about.

How can you begin to manifest your life’s dreams? Here are seven steps that I have used time and time again to make my life an amazing experience.

Vision: Have a vision of what you want Believe: You must believe in your vision, believe it is possible to manifest before you Desire: You have to have that burning desire to make it happen. You have to want it so bad, that you know it must happen. Acceptance: You must accept that this will happen, accept your new way of thinking. Intention: You must have the intention to make your vision a reality – everyday all day. Let it go: Set it and forget it (I like to say). Give your vision and intention over to the Universe by not worrying about how it is going to happen, simply know and trust that it will happen when it is in perfect formation. Allow: you must allow your vision to come into your reality when it is brought to perfect fruition.

I hope these seven steps to manifesting will help you along your way.