How to Use TikTok? Top 5 Tips for the Beginners 

TikTok is a free mobile app that allows you to run short videos and add music, location tips, and stickers. It has become incredibly popular and has gained a lot of attention for the unique way it blends video and audio on one platform. In addition, app users can record and share 15-second videos, making it an ideal platform for social media marketing and entertainment. 

It allows users to create their musical compilation or watch a random video from international artists rather than watch their newsfeeds, which could include anything from brand new viral songs to clips of people falling off bicycles. TikTok is a video-sharing social media app with popularity among teens where you can köp följare på tiktok

The app has grown in popularity over the past year, with many users sharing lip-syncing videos, doing crazy stunts, and dancing with friends. The app also allows users to follow each other and engage in live chat. But, if you are a beginner, you will have difficulty figuring it out. So here are five tips for using this app and having fun with it.

  • Start by Selecting Your Gender to Avoid Confusion

You can choose the man or woman avatar or the “no gender” option that allows you to select a character that looks like one of your friends through the “lookalike” tab on the lower right corner of your screen. The app allows you to do this by selecting the male or female avatar or picking your “gender” from the top tabs. In addition, you can also choose your location like North America, Australia, Brazil, Europe, and worldwide. 

The process of selecting an avatar is easy. All you have to do is tap on the “gender icon” followed by a couple of taps in choosing the character from the gallery. It will bring you to a screen showing two characters. From here, you can choose your character. If you choose no gender, you get a screen with lots of characters to choose from. However, if you want to be anonymous, you can always choose the “no gender” option.

  • Select a Captivating Profile Picture for Better Brand Recognition

Your profile picture is a great place to start branding yourself. It’s a picture that goes on your profile. When people look at your profile, they will see it. The profile picture is the first impression you give to new people. If you have a flat profile photo, you can be sure others will have difficulty remembering it. Your avatar is just an image that represents a point in time and place. Consider the most notable moments in your life. 

Choose something you are comfortable with so you can easily pick your profile back up again if necessary. You can choose these editing features to make your profile picture more appealing. For example, before uploading one, you can tap on the camera icon in the upper left corner of your screen and then take a photo or select one from your phone’s gallery.

  • Add a Slogan

You can also put a slogan or tagline to your video and a logo along with your profile picture. You can add a slogan to your profile image and the video you have uploaded by tapping on the “add slogan” icon in the upper right corner of your screen when watching a video. 

The slogan is a short phrase that sums up what you are trying to say. If you want to add other slogans, you can also go to the “add slogan” icon from your profile page by tapping on it when watching a video. You can also add text to draw the attention of your followers. Adding this will let them know who you are, and you can use this chance to promote yourself.

  • Use Playlist for Better Engagement

Your playlist is the best way to show your followers that you have curated what will make them laugh or dance along to it. Your playlist can contain different videos you have made, songs, and personal messages. Communicating with your followers or fans will surely let them know you better. 

However, you can make a playlist of your most popular videos or those you have recently shared on your social media channels and use it as a part of your profile. But, this doesn’t mean that you can only post in English. Unlike other video-sharing apps, TikTok allows you to translate the content of each video into more than ten different languages. You can also make your playlist with song titles and add videos to it as well.

  • Engage in a Live Video Chat with Your Closest Friends

You can start a live video chat whenever you want. All you need to do is tap on the “chat” icon in the top right corner of the home page. You can start a live chat by tapping on the camera icon in the upper left corner of your screen. 

You can then interact with your friends, viewers, or subscribers through comments and emojis to do silly things like dance and sing along to the music. You can also comment or ask your friends about their lives. The live chat is also the best way of promoting yourself, in which you can engage with your viewers by conducting polls or asking questions to them.

TikTok is a very simple yet powerful video app. It’s also one of the most popular social media apps. It has many different features that can work for you or against you and will hugely impact your success. The app provides a variety of ways to engage with your audience and interact with friends while sharing videos in different locations worldwide. So to use TikTok, you must check out these simple tips. You can expect an ever-growing number of people to start using this app due to its huge popularity and easy-to-use interface. So consider these tips, and you’ll go on a fun adventure.