How to Cure Constipation – Best Remedies for Mild and Severe Disorders

In order to know how to cure constipation it is essential to understand its mechanism first.

Constipation can occur due to some severe problems such as colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis etc. Blockages like tumors and scar tissue can obstruct the passage of stool via the intestine.

The symptoms that hint at some under lying disorders include:

  • Traces of blood in the stool
  • Constipation that persist for as long as two weeks
  • Severe pain in the abdomen
  • Vomiting and fever along with the constipation.

In case a person has the above mentioned symptoms then the following medical check up is of primary importance:

The medical history of the patient is examined. Certain matters are investigated which include the presence of traces of blood in the stool, its consistency, frequency etc.

A physical test is conducted by a gloved and lubricated finger to check the tone of anal sphincter.

Blood and thyroid tests can also be conducted to rule out the possibility of thyroid or metabolic disorders.

Extensive tests including colorectal transit study and anorectal function tests are done in case of severe symptoms.

In order to rule out the possibility of colorectal cancer in the elderly people barium enema x-ray and colonoscopy may also be conducted.

How to cure constipation caused by other reasons:

In some cases certain medicines such as anti-depressants and diuretics may lead to constipation. If this happens the doctor can be asked to change the medicine. A person may come to know whether constipation is caused by some medicine that is being taken by going through the warning labels of the medicines.

Lack of physical activity can also cause constipation. People who are advised bed rest generally suffer from constipation. Some form of exercise is essential to keep our system strong.

Lack of fiber is the most important reason that causes constipation. Fiber helps in the bowel contractions and it adds bulk to the stool. Fiber has a tendency of absorbing water. It swells up and makes the stool not only bulky but soft also. This facilitates the process of its elimination from the body.

Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body also leads to constipation. Water is essential to keep the intestines well hydrated. It also helps in keeping the stools soft. Soft stools can be easily propelled via the intestines as compared to hard and dry stools.

How to cure constipation by natural ways:

  1. We should eat at regular intervals
  2. The food should be eaten slowly
  3. Eating and drinking is not a healthy practice. Water dilutes the gastric juices that are secreted to aid digestion.
  4. We should not eat in excess.