From Where Xbox 360 Has Come and How It Has Progressed? – A Brief History 


The Xbox 360 is the latest gaming console to evolve from the original Xbox. This console was released in late 2005, and it has continued to be a successful platform for more than twelve years. At first, it didn’t have much support from other consoles, but it started to gain popularity by 2009. 

Now even PlayStation 4 players use the “X” port on top of their controller, the Xbox logo. Although, these players need to get a special adapter to connect to the console, which you can learn from XBOX tutorials.

History of Xbox 360 

  • The Xbox 360 has been around for more than twelve years. However, in 2008, Microsoft announced that they would discontinue production of the original Xbox and focus on developing the new model. This current Xbox 360 console is also referred to as Xbox One or One S, depending on the region.
  • Although the Xbox was a successful console, it was not without its faults. One of the most common problems for gamers was the lack of backwards compatibility, which prevented users from playing games from previous generations. The first Xbox made backward compatibility possible with games as old as 2001, but it has since been dropped from every new console model.
  • The reason for it was that the Xbox 360 is a new generation console, so developers didn’t want to put in extra work and coding to support backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, this decision also caused problems since users had to purchase these old games separately, but now they can play them through backwards compatibility on the Xbox One S.
  • Xbox 360 sustained until the first version, which launched with Kinect, and it was one of the best selling consoles ever made. Microsoft also used its popularity to start the Xbox brand with all the following versions right after.
  • Xbox 360 had a rough start. The console was costly and did not have many resources to promote its business, but it was still successful. The first version was released in 2005, and it was followed by a redesigned version which was launched in 2007.

  • The first versions of Xbox 360 were only designed for playing video games, but the redesign included media functionality. As a result, many people started to develop applications for the console, and its popularity increased even more due to its wide range of multimedia options. 
  • The next Xbox console to launch was the Xbox 360 S, released in 2010. Again, the company took advantage of its popularity and used this device as a marketing strategy for its media services. They used the brand “Xbox” for all future devices such as computers, media players and smartphones, but the original Xbox was known as an old console.

The above details are the history of Xbox 360 that you can consider to understand better. The Xbox 360 has been the most successful console to date, and it has been launched in more than six generations. The company was not afraid to experiment with new versions and add new features.