Every detail about the Haori Store

What is meant by Haori Jackets?

Haori jackets come under the affluent section, and many Japanese people have been using this for many past decades. You can also be called these jackets a legacy that the ancient Japanese people left behind and are now being followed by everyone. Haori is also counted in the tradition and culture of Japan. You can wear this by pairing it with Kimono or Hakata. They can also be known as marvelous outfits for modern-day style. Not only with Kimono or Hakata, but it can also suit your typical jeans and shirt. It can add a charming touch to your regular outfit and can make you look more attractive.

You can define Haori as a traditional Japanese outfit with a baggy fit. The actual meaning of the word Haori is derived from the Japanese word hour, which means wearing a costume, jacket, or coat, or in modern clothing, it is called a cardigan. It can also be used as protection in the winter season, for any celebratory purposes, and people nowadays often use it as a trending fashion.

How is Haori created?

If you will compare the designs of Haori and Kimono, then you will find that the sleeves of both the dresses are rectangular and combined with a seam that is straight as a line. The difference is the collar of the Haori is a bit narrower if compared to Kimono, and the torso is also smaller. In simple words, you can say Haori is way easier to wear than kimono, and you will look more attractive even without adding extra fits to the costume.

Where the production of Haori is done?

Haori is manufactured all over Japan in every particular region, and every kimono has its fabrics, designs, and patterns. Haori is made from several different fabrics like wool, cotton, lace, and also of gauze. In this contemporary world, you will be able to discover this synthetic fabric. The fabric of Haori doesn’t matter because it stands for the Japanese tradition and culture.

The ideal place to buy Haori

There are many more places where you can buy this Haori dress, but the Haori store is an ideal place to buy this online. They have several styles of Haori, and you have vast options of selecting as per your choice. Fun modern designs, traditional floral designs, or some classic ones, all patterns and designs are available in this store. If you choose to buy an outfit from here, you will be delighted, and it will turn out to be a unique style of your fashion sense. You can expect the standard quality of fabrics if you choose this store.

List of Haori outfits available in Haori store

There are many options available but let’s look at some of them.

  • Black casual and cozy Kimono Haori, the price is around $23.95 to $25.95.
  • Blue patterned Long Haori, and the price is around $25.34.
  • Gradient Street Style Haori’s price ranges from $60.00 to $61.95.
  • Black Vintage Haori, the price is $25.95.
  • White Vintage Style Haori, the price is $19.95.

These are the few featured Haori jackets available on these websites name Haori store.