Different Software Available For Image Optimization

If you want to resize or compress your image before saving it into your folder or uploading it online, then there is so much software available to do your work. It will make your photo look professional and optimize it. Along with that, it will make your unloading faster and increase your search engine ranking. 

However, if you are not aware of any software that resizes and compresses the images, here are some suitable options. If you find difficulty in choosing a particular one for you, you can also read reviews online by the users to select the appropriate one. All these software comes with different features but works for image optimization. So go through the list and choose the one for you.

JPEG image optimizer

This image optimizer allows you to resize, compress, and upload your photos online without hassle. It is quite simple to use. But it works on only JPEG files. So it is an excellent tool for resizing the images and will save you a lot of uploading time.

 This optimizer allows you to select your choice optimization level, which controls the quality of the image. However, to save to optimize the image in JPEG, you have to follow some steps listed below.

  • Click on the browse and choose the image you want to compress and resize.
  • You will get an option to select from the compression level from 0 to 99. Choose from it what you want to apply to the image.
  • However, a low compression means a smaller image with low quality, whereas a higher level of compression means a large size of the file with higher quality. Therefore the default compression level is around 65.
  • Once you are done with compressing, select the image if you want to resize it. It will provide new lengths and widths to your vision.

  • After which, click on the optimized photo and save it in your camera roll or directly upload it online.

Kraken.io image optimizer

It is a bulk optimizer, where you can resize and compress a large number of photos in a single shot. It works for JPEG, PNG and GIR files. This software can even resize the miniature version of your image. Moreover, it allows you to download it directly on the computer, dropbox, Google drives, or import the files. 

Moreover, Kraken.io provides you with advanced features like more resizing capabilities, unlimited image size upload and multiple input sources at once. This version also allows you to compress an image of upto 32 MB each in size. First, however, you have to follow a few steps to resize and compress.

  • First of all, you have to select the source of the image. There are three options available for you. First file uploader, second URL paster and third-page cruncher. However, the other two options are available in Kraken pro.
  • Once you have selected the source, you have to choose the mode of optimization next. You will find three methods there. Lossy, lossless and expert. Choose the one you want to move forward with.
  • Now it is time to resize your image. Although resizing is entirely optional. You can select if you want to. However, if you have chosen resizing option, select the length and width of the photo you want.

  • After which, a column will be available at the end of your screen. Click on the upload button and drag the optimized image there. Leave it, and your image is ready to upload and save in your gallery. 

Images recycle

Image recycles work for all times, all pictures from JPEG, PNG, and GIF to PDF. Therefore, you can easily compress and resize the photograph in one step. This drag and drop software is quite simple and takes a few seconds to optimize your image. Along with that, it is freely available to its users. Moreover, this website also provides you references on which image will be good for optimization and which is fine for resizing.

 It provides you with 15 days free trial where you can compress upto 100 MB photos, after which you can also choose the subscription, which will cost you ten dollars for 3 GB. However, to optimize a photo using Images recycle, you have to follow just 2 to 3 steps listed below.

  • Type the URL number of the pdf or any other file you want to optimize.
  • Click on complete optimization and resizing. You do not have to instruct anything. This software will automatically resize and compress according to need.
  • After which, just drag the image or the pdf page for optimization and save it for uploading.