Diabetes And Hair Loss

Diabetes and Hair Loss Y ou have diabetes and hair loss is something you are experiencing. Can the two conditions be linked to each other? Hair loss can be caused by many things including simple heredity. It is essential that you rule out any other conditions that could be causing it, including physical and emotional stress, poor nutrition or other health conditions such as imbalanced hormones or thyroid disease. Yet, it is quite possible that your hair loss is caused by your diabetes.

If this is the case, you may want to find ways to improve the diabetes so that ultimately you can improve and stop the hair loss from happening. Hair Loss a Symptom I f you have not been diagnosed with diabetes and hair loss is something that you are experiencing, you may want to consider being monitored by your doctor for the condition, especially when there are no other reasons for the hair loss. In many cases, hair loss is a signal or a warning sign of something much more important happening within the body. For you, it may be the need to improve your diet or just to get a hold of your hormones. Yet, for others it is a symptom of a life threatening disease like diabetes. How They Are Related H ow are these conditions related, anyway? Many times, hair loss is caused by the imbalance of hormones within your body.

As the hormones are off, the body’s ability to produce hair that is healthy and grown according to the normal hair growth cycle is stopped or altered. In other conditions, the follicles themselves are altered, not allowing the hair to re-grow there. When this second reason is behind your hair loss, you may find that there is little help for you to restore a healthy head of hair. On the other hand, if it is hormones causing your hair loss, which is the case with diabetes (which triggers hormone imbalances), then there is hope of restoring a healthy head of hair. If you have diabetes and hair loss is still happening after you have talked with your doctor about it, be sure that you mention this to your doctor. It could be a sign of something more happening within your body.

Alternatively, your medications may be causing the hair loss to happen, too. In any case, improving your diabetes can be the best medicine for improving your hair loss. While this disease and the loss of hair are intertwined, you can improve both conditions, in most cases, with proper care of your health overall.