Complete Guide On The History And The Working Of The Electronic Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette has been a hot topic of discussion over the last few years. It seems like every week there is some sort of news about this new product that has hit the market. There are those who love it and think it could be a game changer in helping people quit smoking cigarettes, while others don’t believe it will ever be enough to help many people get off tobacco. But we can all agree that it is an interesting device that has caused a lot of controversy over the past several months. We have seen them on television shows such as “Breaking Bad” and “Downton Abbey”. They are also becoming more mainstream as celebrities and politicians begin to talk about using these devices instead of traditional nicotine patches or gum. And now there are even companies that are offering these electronic cigarettes at a very reasonable price point. So what exactly do they look like and how does one use them? Here is the story… 

The History Of The Electronic Cigarette 

The first electronic cigarette was invented by Hon Lik in China back in 2003. He claimed that he had created the device because he wanted to create something better than a normal cigarette. His idea was to create a device that would mimic the feeling of smoking a cigarette but without actually burning any tobacco. This was accomplished with the use of a disposable cartridge that contained liquid nicotine. When you inhale through this device, air passes though the cartridge and draws the nicotine into your lungs. It then vaporizes and turns into smoke which feels just like real tobacco smoke. 

This original version of the electronic cigarette was not very popular and did not catch on until 2008 when another company introduced their own version of electronic cigarette called the Blu eCig. The difference between this version and the first one was that the device didn’t contain any chemicals. Instead, it used a battery pack that powered the heating element inside the cartridge. The user simply inserted the cartridge into the end of the device and lit up the heating element on the cartridge. The heat from the element vaporized the nicotine and turned it into a cloud of smoke which was drawn in through the mouthpiece of the device. Many people were skeptical about this type of technology since it still uses tobacco based products, but it was able to capture the attention of smokers around the world and made headlines across the globe. 

It wasn’t long after this that electronic cigarettes began popping up in the United States as well. In fact, according to the FDA website, there were almost 20 different brands available at retail outlets in 2009 alone. But even though they were now being sold in the U.S. and available online, there were still many skeptics out there who thought these devices wouldn’t work or were just gimmicks. But as time went on, the number of people who believed in the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes continued to grow. One thing that helped to support the credibility of these devices was that they became much less expensive to buy compared to traditional nicotine replacement therapy medications. 

As far as where these devices came from originally, most say that they were developed by a Chinese engineer named Shen Yunhai. According to him, the purpose of his creation was to make it easier for smokers to quit. He felt that the electronic cigarettes offered a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes since they didn’t burn anything and only required users to breathe in the vapor produced by the cartridges. 

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work? 

Now that we know a little bit about where these devices come from and why they were created, let’s take a closer look at how they work. These devices are essentially designed to simulate the sensation of smoking tobacco cigarettes. They consist of two parts. The first part is the tank which contains the liquid nicotine along with other additives. The second part is the atomizer which heats the liquid nicotine and produces the vapors that are inhaled through the mouthpiece. 

When you purchase your electronic cigarette, you will probably receive a standard sized tank. This tank usually holds 3-6 ml (milliliters) of liquid nicotine. The cartridges themselves hold anywhere from 2-10 ml of liquid nicotine depending upon the brand. Some of the larger cartridges may also contain menthol and flavoring agents. You can adjust the size of each cartridge so that you can change the amount of nicotine in each session. 

These tanks are refillable and typically cost anywhere from $7-$20 per refill. Each refill is only good for 30 days before you need to replace it. You should definitely check with your local laws regarding selling refills since the legality of these devices varies greatly. 

These days using the cigarette is like the symbol of status for the users. A person who have the complete detail of the various uses of the cigarette can go for it. The quality of the cigarette will help the person in learning about the side effect that it will have. A person can plan to get น้ำยา relx of the best quality.

Some people prefer to buy single use cartridges so that they aren’t bothered with having to keep track of the expiration dates on the bottles. If this is the case for you, you might want to try going to a specialty shop like Vaporfi or VapeStoreOnline where you can get your supplies shipped right to your door. 

If you decide to go this route, you should note that these devices are extremely powerful. With single use cartridges, you should expect to feel the effects within 5 minutes of using them. Once you start vaping, you won’t stop until the cartridge runs out. Because of this, you may find yourself spending hours puffing away on these things. 

And if you are worried about the dangers associated with electronic cigarettes, rest assured that these devices are completely safe. They won’t cause cancer or damage your health in any way. All of the carcinogens found in traditional tobacco are eliminated during the process of vaporizing the nicotine. So in short, if you’re trying to quit smoking, this may be the next best thing you’ve ever tried. 

So how much does an electronic cigarette cost? 

Most experts agree that electronic cigarettes are priced very reasonably. For example, you can currently get a starter kit from VaporFi that retails for under $50. This includes an empty tank, 3ml cartridges and a USB charger. Most of these kits come with a rechargeable battery that lasts for hundreds of puffs and can be charged with a computer. The batteries can be purchased separately for a couple dollars. 

But if you really want to save money, you can find single use cartridges online for less than five bucks. These are great for those who don’t want to bother with refilling the tanks on a regular basis. 

So what are your thoughts about electronic cigarettes? Have you tried them? Are you interested in investing in one to help you quit smoking? Or are you just curious and want to see how they work? Whatever the case may be, we’d love to hear what you have to say! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!