Can You Be Toxic From Constipation Are You Suffering From A Toxic Human Sewer System

If you suffer from constipation you may be living in a body that is very toxic.

What is the meaning of the word “toxic”? Toxic means contaminated, poisonous, deadly, lethal, and harmful to name a few definitions.

Constipation is generally caused by eating the Standard American Diet which if you are honest about it is pretty much very unhealthy. Just look around you and you will see that America has an overweight and unhealthy majority in its population.

When you eat a lot of junk (i.e., chemically processed high fat high sodium unnatural food) your body just does not function properly and your colon gets stopped up and you end up with chronic constipation.

Just think about it for a minute.

If you are eating unhealthy foods and you are not expelling the waste daily from your body that means you are carrying that unhealthy food in your system.

And that unhealthy food is now rotting inside you. So your digestive system in a sense kind of backs up on itself like a toxic sewer system. Yuck!

Once your bowels and colon become toxic, your body’s blood becomes toxic, and the blood that should be carrying necessary nutrients to feed your brain, heart, lungs, and muscles instead now flows directly to the liver because your body is trying to rid itself of the dangerous toxic blood.

After years and years of dealing with toxic blood, your liver will become more and more lethargic and will function less efficiently due to toxic overload. Your liver will get to the point that it no longer functions efficiently and cannot process all the toxicity your colon is producing and then the toxic overload will start to offload into other parts of your body like the kidneys, heart, brain, joints, skin, lymph nodes and more. You are now on a fast train to disease and chronic ill health.

The internal toxic muck due to chronic constipation causes a heavy workload on your vital organs and other essential body systems. This overload of un-health leaves your cellular metabolism slow and lethargic instead of alive and energetic.

So can you be toxic from constipation? Unfortunately, yes.

Constipation not only causes extreme discomfort it also lowers your body’s resistance to disease and infection and makes you susceptible to many illnesses and faster degeneration of your overall health.

There are natural cures for toxic constipation. You don’t have to suffer. You can get relief.