Beginners Guide On How To Start Making Your ASMR Videos

Popularly known as ASMR videos is one of the most sought-after videos on youtube. The abbreviation, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response sounds. While it might sound technical and complex, millions of people are obsessed with it.

So, what exactly are ASMR videos, and How can you start making your video? Is it easy? What types of ASMR equipment will it require? If you have been bombarded with these questions, then you are at the right place. This guide will provide you with every significant step that you need to follow to make your own ASMR videos. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve into it right away. 

What are ASMR videos?

The term ASMR was first introduced in 2010, and along with it rose the sensation of the ASMR video worldwide. It is one of the most searched videos on the internet today. 

It refers to the sensation that a person gets when they feel sleepy or relaxed. Typically it starts from the scalp to the back of the spine. However, the feelings might vary with different individuals. 

You might already know what you can see in an ASMR video. So, let’s keep it short. It is a video where the audience gets to hear different types of sounds in enhanced proximity. Which induces the peculiar feelings that are experienced while staying in a relaxed or sleepy state. However, you should know that not every person will feel the same sensation. 

How To Start Making Your Own ASMR Videos?

Now, you should have gotten the idea of what an ASMR video is. So, let’s start with how you can make one by yourself! 

Decide What to Make

Before heading straight into the creation, give a thought to what you want to create. These involve whispering, tapping, or gliding noise over different surfaces, rains, and many more. You should choose a subject that is comfortable for you as well. If you aren’t comfortable then you won’t be able to provide the sensation that your audience is looking for. 

Prepare the Room

Make sure your room is entirely soundproof, or you won’t be making ASMR videos with outside noise. If you are deciding to make a permanent home studio consider opting for acoustic foam. If you are not able to comply with these ideas then consider making your video at night. 

If you are deciding to make visual videos then consider keeping the minimal furniture and stimulating lighting in your room. However, the lighting should not be too aggressive and messy. Keep it uniform and get rid of anything that can irritate your audience. 

Practice your voice and sound

If you are using too much ASMR equipment, make sure to test them beforehand. Adjust each ASMR equipment to see whether they are working effectively or not. Only after you make sure that you are getting the results you have been looking for, can you start making your videos. 

Recording the Video

While recording your video, keep your voice in a soothing and uniform tone. And don’t forget to pay attention to your brooming. You should also make sure to check your visuals before you start making the whole video. 

In addition to this, if you intend to make a long video, then fully charge your devices. 

Edit Your Video

Once you successfully record your video, upload it to the video editor you are using and adjust the volume to get the optimum output, and trim your video according to your requirements. You should also consider adding music, and effects, voice-over in order to enhance the experience.  


Making ASMR videos is easy as long as you have the proper ASMR equipment and a perfect soundproof room. It is one of the most sought videos on youtube and its popularity is still rising significantly. However, make sure to make your video professional and creative to get a wide number of subscribers! With proper tools and ASMR equipment, making an ASMR video is like a walk in the park!