3 Tips You Need To Consider To Increase The Life Span Of Your Cockatiel!

You will be surprised to know that birds usually have a long life span as compared to other creatures. But, negligence and poor health can lead to serious health problems, which can also lead to death.

It is very important to look after the cockatiel age so that you can prefer different ways to give improvement to their body and health. It is not common to see the long life span of any pet, but once maintained under regular care, the life span can be increased. 

Here are going to be some of the tips which everyone who is having cockatiel or any other pet in their house should look after. These are specially meant to look after the life span of your pet to give them a healthy long life span. 

  • Feed Healthy And Quality Food 

This is one of the major aspects which show the impact on the life span of your bird. People usually don’t look after the quality food items and give random diets to their birds. This shows the poor impact on their health and deflects their life span. 

If you are eating healthy and quality food, then there should be no biased in treating your pet in the same way. In order to have a proper and healthy life for your bird, make sure to give a healthy diet that includes dry fruits, fruits, and vegetables. 

  • Exercise Is Important 

Never keep your bird in a cage all the time. They also need space to fly and move their feathers outside the cage. Unfortunately, people neglect this factor and don’t allow their birds like cockatiels to move around in the house. 

If you are not looking after this exercise, then this can lead to a potential problem for your bird. This can show health problems and give mental stress to birds, which can also lead to the death of your bird in a short time. 

  • Socialize 

Birds are considered the smartest creature that is quite social and shows engagement with people around them. They are ready to learn new things, acquire habits and play with different and new objects around them. Therefore, they are not meant to be stored in the cage all the time. 

Make sure you give proper time to your cockatiel so that they can get socialize with people and show interaction by moving their neck or feathers. Doing so will give not only bird but also you a level of self-satisfaction and a stress-free environment. 


You must show proper care and affection towards your bird as doing so will make them relax and happy, which shows an increase in their life span. Other than this, it is necessary to take your pet for regular check-ups so that you can keep track of their health. You will definitely love this creature, as it spreads joy and lovely cuddles all around. So, try to make time and spend lovely evening with your bird.