Hobo – “Fish In a Tree”

Once Eric Din had written “Fish In a Tree”, which by the way doesn’t sound like any other song he’s ever written, I knew this song would either be a glorious throw away for the band Hobo or something truly special. Once Eric one-talked the vocal that day at Hyde Street Studio – he made it special.  Since then it’s always been one of my favorites. I wish I could bottle this combination of poetry in the lyric, tempo of the song, and vocal quality. Then I’d be able to use it over and over. Oh, what a producer’s dream. Plus good job of recording by Josh Tobias. P.S. There’s a reward for anyone who can explain what this song is about.

“Fish In A Tree” (download mp3)
from “Hobo”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)
Hobo – “Fish In a Tree (play)

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